Clean Choice #1


-Self Service-
2101 S. Saint Mary's Street.
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Modern Machines
Professionally Managed
Clean! Located in a well lighted
neighborhood with convenient
on premise off the street parking.
Plenty of clean Folding Tables.
Laundry supplies are available.


Clean Choice #2


-Self Service -
3131 Jay Avenue
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This popular modern, self-laundry is
clean and well maintained.
Located in a well lighted, neighborhood.
Plenty of on premise,
off the street parking.
Lots of clean Folding Tables.
Laundry supplies are available.

Bush Laundry Services


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Whether U-Do-It or We-Do-It, it is all a matter of choice, CLEAN CHOICE!
Stop wishing that there was an easier more convenient way to do your laundry.
There is an easier way! Send your laundry items to Bush Dry Cleaners and Launderers.

Bush will pick up, wash, dry, fold, wrap, and deliver. All for No Extra Charge!
All of that for an exceptionally low cost of only $1.25 per. lb.

That's an introductory Web Special for all New Customers!

Bush will pick up your laundry and dry cleaning on a regular schedule and deliver to home or office.
Bush Cleaners services provide the perfect solution for busy household managers.
Set up a schedule that works for you!
Cell Phone web on the image below to call us.
Schedule Free Pickup & Delivery - 712-276-3412

Bush Cleaners & Launderers

1415 Morningside Avenue

Our process is better for all creations!

Bush GreenEarth® Cleaning

The patented GreenEarth® Cleaning process replaces the outmoded harsh petroleum-based chemicals (perc) used in old-fashioned dry cleaning establishments. Several years ago, Bush Dry Cleaners replaced those outmoded methods with a process that is friendly to the environment. That's why it is called GreenEarth® . The GreenEarth® process is environmentally friendly and it is friendly to your clothing because it is a non-toxic, silicone-based cleaning process. Our GreenEarth® process will make your clothing feel softer, look brighter, and smell fresh and clean!
Factually, the GreenEarth® process is odor free!
GreenEarth® Cleaning is so gentle that it can be used safely on delicate fabrics and trims. These items can be safely cleaned without the time consuming application of additional harsh solvents and other fabric unfriendly cleaning agents. Bush Drycleaners and their GreenEarth® process will save you money because it is better for your clothing, better for the environment, and because of the shorter process time involved...